We offer a subscription that will work for everyone.

All residential services include a 5 gallon bucket that we will pick up and replace with a clean one every pick up day. If you need a second exterior bucket, just let us know. We also provide your choice of a gallon sized container or 1/2 gallon interior bucket to help collect kitchen waste daily.


12 pick ups per year, Ideal for couples, and small families


26 pick ups per year, most families will want to use this option


52 pick ups per year, for a large family like ours, or if you eat mostly vegetation

We also do service office buildings, apartment complexes, and restaurants. Please contact us directly for pricing.

Let’s get started

Drop in the Bucket

Vegetables, fruit, citrus
Breads, grains, seeds
Meat, Dairy, bones, shells
Coffee grounds, filters and teabags (without the staple)
Baking supplies, herbs, spices
Grass clippings, leaves, brush (thinner than a pencil), and other inert organic debris not treated with pesticides
Clean, non-glossy paper
Napkins, food-soiled paper products, muffin liners
Pet hair, laundry lint
Household plants including soil
Pet food

Keep out of the bucket

Plastics and Styrofoam
Pet Waste and Diapers
Please, no: plastic wrap, twist ties, stickers, rubber bands, wax paper
Any inorganic materials
Brush or sticks (thicker than a pencil)

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