How It Works

Fill your bucket

Collect your food scraps each day into our 1 gallon baskets with bags. At the end of the day move them into the 5 gallon buckets provided by us.

Put it on the curb

On your assigned pickup day, put your bucket outside for us to come and pick it up, and we will replace it with a clean bucket.

We take care of it

We take care of composting it properly so you don’t have to. Upon request we will provide compost back to our customers.

Drop it in the bucket

Vegetables, fruit, citrus
Breads, grains, seeds
Meat, Dairy, bones, shells
Coffee grounds, filters and teabags (without the staple)
Baking supplies, herbs, spices
Grass clippings, leaves, brush (thinner than a pencil), and other inert organic debris not treated with pesticides
Clean, non-glossy paper
Napkins, food-soiled paper products, muffin liners
Pet hair, laundry lint
Household plants including soil
Pet food

Keep it out of the bucket

Plastics and Styrofoam



Pet Waste and Diapers

plastic wraps, wax paper

twist ties, rubber bands


Any inorganic materials

Large Brush and Sticks



Frequently asked questions

A curbside composting service is a way to recycle food scraps through a curbside collection instead of at your home. We believe it is important to reuse as many resources as we possibly can, and so composting food scraps like meat, bones, eggshells, shellfish, and other food is an important part of improving the world around us. It is also important to keep the food local, have it composted in an area close to home, and returned to those that need it in our area.

We service the greater Houston area. We are based in Richmond, and we have customers throughout Houston Sugar Land, Katy, and surrounding areas. Please contact us if you would like to know if we service your area, or if you would like us to expand into your area.

Yes, we really do compost your food waste. All the food waste is collected together with other compostable items and delivered to our composting partners. They mix and rotate the food waste that creates a quality compost product available in local retail centers.

No, please don’t! We can provide compostable bags to collect your food waste. Plastic does not compost. We want to keep the compost a very high quality, so we ask that you keep as many contaminants out of the food as possible. For a shortlist of contaminates, visit our sign-up page to view a list of items that can be composted and what to keep out.

Anything that cannot be composted is considered a contaminant. Produce stickers, plastics, glass, and other items that can be found on our sign-up page don’t break down for hundreds, or millions of years, and therefore cannot be included in your compost bucket. We ask that you help us keep the compost a high quality by making sure these items don’t get put into the compost bucket.

We offer one bag of finished compost every 4 stops to each subscriber, after their first month of service. These can be requested through your account portal. If you would like additional bags of compost, subscribers can purchase bags from us at a discounted rate. If you’re not subscribed to our pick-up service we can sell them to you at full retail price, plus delivery, please contact us if interested

Most of our compost service customers keep their buckets in their garage, or patio, or even under their sink. We can also provide an inside collection container that can be kept on the counter, or under the sink.

On pick-up day, be sure to put the bucket somewhere that is visible for our drivers. This can be on your patio, on the sidewalk, or driveway. If you can’t leave it somewhere visible, please coordinate with us to arrange a location where we will be able to access it. We are glad to work out an arrangement that will work for both parties.

In the past, some people have said their buckets were picked up by the garbage trucks. If your compost pick-up service is on the same day as your community’s trash day, we recommend not putting it on the street, or next to your garbage bins. We would hate for you to collect the food waste and have it still end up in the landfill.

Yes, we have several customers that live in apartment complexes. We can work with you and/or your complex to make sure this works for all. We also have the option to service the whole complex, so be sure to talk to your management about why they should use a composting service. Let them know we would love to chat about this option.

That’s okay. It’s still important to keep this waste out of the landfills and put it back into the soil. The biggest benefit to a curbside composting service is completing the food cycle, so that waste is not wasted, but rather recycled and put back to work. If you don’t want to collect compost for your personal use, we also work with local farmers to provide compost to their soil. This helps reduce their costs and supports our local farmers.

Great! Our goal is to get as many people to compost as possible. If you’re composting in your backyard and have questions, we would be glad to help. Take a look at the list of items we compost and you might find some things that you won’t want to compost in your backyard. That is why a composting service like Curb Compost is helpful; we can compost much more than would be advised in your backyard.

No, these are for your convenience to collect the food, and our convenience in cleaning the buckets. If you run out, just drop it straight in the bucket, and let us know. We can provide more upon request. Also, if you don’t need them, just let us know. We can stop dropping them off for a short time so you don’t have too many in your home.

Yes, you can add a second bucket to your service for $5 per month. If you need a one-time bucket, you can pick one up at the farmers market for $5, or let us know a few days in advance and we can drop off a second bucket at your house for $5.

still have questions?

Visit our contact us page and let us know how we can help.