About Us

Founded in Houston in 2020, From Curb to Compost is a family owned and operated business driven to creating a more verdant world and reduce methane gas emissions. Proudly serving the greater Houston area, we offer a clean and convenient service which allows families, businesses, and residential facilities the opportunity to recycle food waste which renews local soil.

Our Story

We are a family from the Houston area, and we’re genuinely excited to be part of the composting movement. Our motivation stems from a deep desire to play our role in lowering our carbon footprint and reducing the waste that ends up in landfills.

Just like many of you, we made efforts to separate recyclables from our regular household trash. However, we were disheartened by the statistic that only 4-6% of what we put into our recycle bin actually got recycled. Feeling frustrated with the lack of control we had over the process, we hoped for a more effective way to manage our household waste. Thankfully, fate was on our side, as some friends of ours were involved in the curbside composting business. David and Kimberly Wilson, the founders of From Curb To Compost, had discovered a solution that allowed us to recycle nearly half of our household waste while ensuring it was genuinely being put to good use. We’re immensely grateful that the opportunity arose for us to eventually take over the reins of the company from them.

Today, we’re thrilled to carry on the Wilsons’ mission: assisting our friends, family, and fellow community members in transforming their food scraps into valuable compost. Let’s work together to lessen our impact on the environment. Here’s to a greener world, one compost bucket at a time! 🌱 🌎 ♻️