About Us

Founded in Houston in 2020, From Curb to Compost is a family owned and operated business driven to creating a more verdant world and reduce methane gas emissions. Proudly serving the greater Houston area, we offer a clean and convenient service which allows families, businesses, and residential facilities the opportunity to recycle food waste which renews local soil.

Our Story

We are a Houston based family of seven, passionate about decreasing our carbon footprint and reducing waste. David grew up on a farm in rural Idaho. He learned at an early age that everything can be used intentionally and recycled wisely. Composting was an inherent way of life.

Living in a townhome in the Memorial area made composting more challenging. While visiting friends living in Germany , we were amazed by the waste and recycling habits of the residents there. We came back with a broader perspective on how to reduce our waste and recycle more than we had previously done. We visited the city’s recycling facility to recycle our glass, metals, cardboard, plastic, etc. appropriately. We tried to compost our greens at our elementary school’s bin, and realized that for a family our size we needed a better composting option.

When we moved into a home in Richmond, the idea of having our own garden and compost bin became an option. David tapped back into his farming roots to ensure he created the correct pH balances, proper mixture of browns and greens, and suitable waste for our compost bin. He realized how challenging it can be for families or individuals who do not have access to this information, or space to compost themselves.

From Curb to Compost was created to help individuals and families with that specific need. When composting with a larger composting site, even more varieties of food waste can be recycled which can decrease methane gas emissions in landfills and renew local soil. We are sure this can be a convenient option for you as you aim to reduce your food waste and make our world a little greener too.